Monday, March 3, 2014

5 for FIVE ; Mani Monday

Today I'm linking up with Jenn over at Party of One blog

Last week I basically sucked.. I had so much going on as far as trying to do this "5 day eating clean challange", I'm sad to say I didn't have time for anything else! I have to find a compromise and know the difference  between blogging, working, and taking care of home. 
  1. Work out 3x - I  found a new best friend at the gym, It's called the damn elliptical! For the past few years my mom has been going to the gym and running on this thing and I was always like "why does she keep going to the gym to run for three hours" I see why! I love it ! I ran 2 miles in 25 minutes.. I'd say that's good coming from someone who HATES running! 
  2. Mail out my giveaway polish - I can't even believe I didn't send this out. Sally is going to hate me! I forgot on Monday by the time I remember the post office was closed. Then I'm trying to wait to mail out some orders I got off Pinterest together. I promise I will get the box out this week +Sally Bridges !!!
  3. Call to get Obama-care/ Call my Lawyer - I called Obama care & guess what! their system was down LOL just my luck! I have to do both of these again this week... for sure!
  4. Blogging - This could go either way! I did comment on a few and I definitely
  5. Stay on track with eating healthy! - I did the 5 day eating challenge GREAT! now it's time to stick with it!
  6. Get my nails done - Yeah so I got them filled.. but I am definitely going next week for a soak off, a new overlay and a pedicure!!! Because I can't go to Miami with bear claw feet!!!! :P
So For next week I'm basically going to keep all of these;

        1. Work out 3x - I have got to get ready for Miami! So I plan on doing the five day clean eating AGAIN! One thing I have to do is my March Squat Challenge! 
        2.  Mail out my giveaway polish
        3. Call to get Obama-care/ Call my Lawyer
        4. Get my nails done
        5. Get a Monthly planner and get some things in order (blogging, food, and budget) Those three are very important!

Mani Monday
 Ruby Swing - ride-em cowgirl ! 
I think I got this in my birchbox for February,
even though  cancelled my subscription I use to love receiving these! 

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