Friday, March 28, 2014

The benefits of Coconut Oil

Have you all heard about coconut oil? It's the latest craze!! I knew about it before but never knew all of the health benefits that comes with it. Well I'm here to tell you half of them!

Coconut oil is one of the few foods that can be classified as a “superfood.” Not only is this great to cook with but there are so many beauty benefits that come in this bottle!

 It’s loaded with Vitamin E and fatty acids which are anti-fungal, anti-oxidizing and anti-bacterial, all the good things our bodies love! 

  • Cooking - instead of Vegetable oil, this is a great alternative! 
  • Oil Pulling - I know this sounds so ridiculous! But I have heard it really works! read more about that here I've been doing it for about 2 weeks on and off now and I'm very anxious to see if it works!
  • Cradle cap or Diaper rash for baby
  • Healing of tattoos
  • Reduce visibility of stretch marks or prevent them
  • Treating athlete's foot, ringworm, or any other infections
  • Dry Skin - You can apply it directly like a lotion
  • Shaving (read about my post here)
  • Face Wash
  • Makeup Remover
  • Dry Damaged Hair - Massage the coconut oil into dry hair and shampoo like normal. This will help strengthen and shine your hair
  • Dandruff -Massage the coconut oil on your scalp - Leave it overnight - Wash it in the morning. Regular use will help clear dandruff. It promotes hair growth providing a beautiful shine.
  • Reduce Frizz and Shine -Add a little to your ends for frizz control and to add shine. A small dab will do the trick - any more and your hair might appear greasy.
  • Energy boost
  • Natural Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • A spoon full for heartburn, indigestion, & acid reflux - you can take a spoonful everyday for your basic immune system function
  • Mix with baking soda for a body scrub 
That is just some!! Check out more here & here

When buying coconut oil.. look for extra virgin, not refined  - this will work the best! 

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