Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What's in your bag? Link Up!

In honor of my winning my new purse from, I wanted to do a link-up of "What's in your bag?" 

This link will be for - ever!  So when you update your bag with a new post, link it up!! I have both of mine linked up b/c I've done this post before with Ricci & Annie. 

You can see what I had in my bag last year around Christmas. HERE

First let's start off with the paper in my purse. This consists of every piece of paper I own! No I'm not joking, at least everything in the past month I have received, it's all there. I keep it all in there until I get the chance to go through it. I do this because I live with my mom and my room is no place for papers!  

I got these glasses from like a year ago when I first started blogging. You get your first pair free only paying shipping. I paid $6.95 for these & I love them! My post here.

And then we all everything else. My pharmacy, my nail salon, my make-up bag(s) & my money! 

 My staples are basically everything you see here. I can't leave home without my make-up because you never know when you gona see people you know. I can't leave home without a charger because my phone sucks and it dies very fast. I can't leave home without my carmex and bobby pins ! & I obviously can't leave home without my car keys ;)

Olivia in BlackSusannah's Wallet in Black
And this is the new purse and wallet! Susan Nichole is a company that makes vegan handbags! You have your chance to win every Thursday HERE.

There are no rules! & You can link up as many posts as you'd like! 
The only thing I ask is that you place my button anywhere on your blog! 
AND Have fun ! 

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