Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

I totally had his scheduled but it didn't post!! -_- 
Hey yall! I'm back from Miami!! I said that like I was happy about it.

 I'm really not.. Of course I will fill you in on my trip just as soon as I get all my pictures downloaded from my camera (BTW that died the first day)

Last week I measured ;
  • BUST- 36
  • HIPS- 40
  • WAIST- 31
  • THIGHS- 42
  • WEIGHT- 158

This week I am Measuring ;
  • BUST- 35
  • HIPS- 40
  • WAIST- 32
  • THIGHS- 41
 I didn't get to weigh my self I'm working overnight 
I will not keep boring you with pictures in my bathing suit. So I didn't take one today. 

While in Miami, I may have consumed a little more calories then I should have BUT who wouldn't!!! No seriously I think I did great as far as food. The only bad choice of consumption I had was what I mixed with my alcohol ! LOL 


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