Monday, March 31, 2014

5 for Five

Linking up today for 5 for Five. The last time I linked up, maybe a month ago, I had a lot on my list. If you know me, then you know I've had a busy month. shit I have a busy life. I have a lot of Giveaways going on for you right now but those will slow down too. It's a lot of work. With my hectic schedule, I'm not even focused on blogging. I hate when I can't post something that I really want to or when I forget to post something that I needed to! 
Last weeks goals;

1. Work out 3x - I have got to get ready for Miami! So I plan on doing the five day clean eating AGAIN! One thing I have to do is my March Squat Challenge! 
2. Mail out my giveaway polish
3. Call to get Obama-care/ Call my Lawyer
4. Get my nails done
5. Get a Monthly planner and get some things in order (blogging, food, and budget) Those three are very important!

After a month I finally did everything except my march squat challenge and get a planner.

This weeks goals; 

1. GET MONTHLY BUDGET IN ORDER - If you didn't hear, I just bought a car! It wasn't planned at all, I fell in love and now it's mine! I'm now a part of the #Mazda3 Family! With this and all my monthly bills I def need a planner and start or should I say stop spending money in the wrong places! I also need to pull out my good old checkbook, haven't had that in years, but It might keep me from over spending.
3. KEEP A PLANNER FOR FOOD - I'm about to get real serious! I was even thinking about signing up for revolt now fitness. I once blogged about it but I didn't keep up with it. maybe this time I can! I'm trying to get back into a bikini this year!
4. MAKE A BUNCH OF PHONE CALLS - JC penneys, Macy's (returning shoes from last year LOL), my lawyer ( I need some settlement money like yesterday!), Health Insurance
5. GET A BOTTLE OF MY FAVORITE WINE - I have overnight for the next three nights. I need something.

Keep up with me & Let me know your here!