Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

Last week I measured ;
  • BUST- 36
  • HIPS- 40
  • WAIST- 31
  • THIGHS- 42
  • WEIGHT- 160
I have been eating healthy for the past week straight! 
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I may have veered off once or twice alot and had some french fries (oops) but I did very good for my first time! I'm actually getting serious about being more healthy! 
I drank more water then I probably ever have in my entire damn life! I am going to try my hardest to stick with it.. with life being has hectic as it is for me, it's going to be hard to cook EVERY day for EVERY meal! I've tried cooking on Sunday for the whole week but that doesn't work well for me either because there is usually not enough storage space in my fridge and also Josiah & the family will not eat the same thing 2 nights or days in a row, let alone 5-7! 

My workouts consist of ;

Zumba - 60 minutes. burning at least 475 calories
Elliptical Trainer  - 25 minutes. burning at least 268 calories
Stair master (including leg lifts and etc.) - 10 minutes . burning at least 161 calories
Tabatah Intervals (inlcuding squats, lunges, stepping, jump lunges, etc.) - 45 minutes, burning at least 456 calories
Running around the house like a mad woman after Josiah- All day every day at least an hour a day burning I'd like to say 200 calories a day! 

My food intake has been around 900-1300 a day 
Eating things like this ;

Breakfast: Fruit bowl w/ slivered almonds
                .5 cup blueberries
                .5 cup strawberries
                .25 cup rapsberries


Lunch: 2c mixed greens
                .25 avocado diced
                4oz grilled chicken chopped or cubed
                5 cherry tomato
                * optional dressings: balsamic vinaigrette or honey mustard
Dinner: Turkey Chili


This week I measured in at;  
  • BUST- 36
  • HIPS- 40
  • WAIST- 31
  • THIGHS- 42
  • WEIGHT- 158

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So here it is ! A new link-up for everyone to share there thoughts, feelings, motivation on fitness, & etc. (you get the point) posts! I will try to post my weight every Wednesday but as you know with me, life is hectic, life is crazy, and it might not be "Weigh In Wednesday" next week it might be "Weigh In Friday"... So that's why I am letting the link-up stay open for 5 days after Wednesday! 

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