Monday, July 21, 2014

5forFIVE & Mani Monday

 This week has been so BUSY! I've been so anxious because we found out what we were having. You can find out HERE too. ;) YES I just did that hahaha

 I did my nails for the occasion! CUTE right! week's goals;

1. MAKE A NAIL POLISH RACK - I have the wood, but I haven't gotten around to actually making it!
2. GET MY BLOG POSTS IN ORDER - I got them in order, now I just need to do them! I have a bunch of DIY's that I want to make. =) 3. WALK AROUND THE BLOCK 2X
4. DON'T EAT OUT ALL WEEK - I went to Chinese with my mom, and I am glad I did... It was amazing. I'm so glad I didn't get sick! 5. SEND VERIZON PHONE BACK - I finally bought a computer so I can get started on this process!

 I'm not going to act like I didn't do anything because it's been a busy week, but it really has!

This week's goals;

1. GET MY BABY REGISTRY DONE - Now that I know what we are having, I can post the things I need. I don' really need much because I have big things from my son. BUT that was five years ago AND this time I'm shopping for a GIRL! (oops, did I just tell you what I'm having LOL)
3. NAIL POLISH RACK - I got the wood, now I just need to make it! 
4. HAVE FUN AT THE WIZ KHALIFA CONCERT! - Although I can't drink this will be so fun! I can't wait!  
5. SEND VERIZON PHONE BACK - Now that I finally have a computer I just need to get a USB plug to add all my pictures to then I will send it back! -_-

My weekend was pretty short due to me working, so there's not much to tell you. But I did get my nail polish rack done, Had a BLAST working on that LOL not really. but I've been online looking for all these ideas.

Keep up with me & Let me know your here!