Friday, July 18, 2014


Happy Friday People!!!!! I'm excited to share my news with you all.

I wanted to do things differently this time and do a reveal with balloons!

So yesterday I had  my appointment with Fun Fetal Photos. My mom, Josiah, and two of my friends came to see my baby live in action! I let them find out that morning and later that evening we planned a little get together to reveal what we are having. I had to wait until Joe got off of work! Which, to me felt like the longest day EVER. At 7pm we finally got to open the box!


Josiah's Footprint from when he was 2 (you go back after you had your ultrasound and put your hand or foot print on their wall)


  The only time it's OKAY to drink a bottle of Mountain Dew!! LOL I took advantage of it!

Got my nails done for the occasion ;)

He even thought it was a joke. LOL


Although it was made last minute (& a little on the cheap side LOL), it was all perfect!

I'm having a baby girl, and I don't know what to do with myself! I'm over whelmed but everything, WHERE DO I START???!! HELP!!