Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Baby Bump Hump Day {20 Weeks}

Baby is size of a Banana

  The headaches haven't been as often as they were and the restless leg syndrome has for the most part stopped as well.. I think eating a banana as often as I can has been the major factor for that. The only other symptom other then weight gain, is tenderness in my boobs! They hurt so bad sometimes, it's crazy! 

  Not too much difference in cravings, except I don't want anything but fast food! I need to stop unless I want to continue gaining a lot of weight! =( 

Maternity Clothes
  I am surprisingly still in my regular clothes. But I am mostly wearing summer dresses and shorts when I'm not at work and my work pants are stretchy! 

Weight gain
  I am now up around 164.8 which makes a total gain this whole pregnancy 12.8lbs. So I am up 2.8 lbs in two weeks. One of my apps says that is excessive. So let's hope that not eating out this week will help with the excessive weight gain =( 

  Still haven't been exercising, but walking around a lot when I go places. It's been a struggle to know that I can't work out and let my body get this way, but like I said before I'd rather risk all of that for my baby to be alive. 

  ALLLL the time!! I swear she never sleeps. It kind of makes me nervous BUT VERY happy that she is moving and still there! It definitely relaxes me to lay down and feel her doing flips. 

Labor Signs
no and I hope not until full term!

  We found out HERE what we were having! AND I couldn't be any more excited!! 

Belly button in or out?
 Still in.

  I'm still shopping around with what to do. I have been looking for houses with 3 bedrooms, to eliminate some of the hassle of three kids sharing ONE room. BUT to save money, I think we are going to stay at my moms until tax time then move into a 2 bedroom apartment. And still all the kids will have to share a room. 

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