Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy 4th of July!!! {DIY Poppers!}

I am celebrating the 4th today!!  Since I had to work last night and this morning, our 4th of July cookout will be held today! 

Yesterday, my favorite aunt (hehe) came down from Kentucky! She is only going to be here til Sunday and although I did let working get to me at first... I'm not going to today! I'm actually in a better mood and ready to get this day started!! (can you tell by all the exclamation points LOL)

I didn't get to make any special fourth of July cake, like I did last year. Didn't really have the time, I'm pooped.

I just finished making these poppers today, and I guess that's alright since we are celebrating the fourth today. This can be used for really any holiday just decorate. =)

What you'll need ;

Scrapbook paper12x12
Festive colored tissue paper
Candy to fill (or more scrap paper for messy fun!)

First your going to cut the scrapbook paper in fourths. Cut the tissue paper a little wider then the scrap book paper. Place it on the non decorated side and roll the scrap book paper up. Tape it shut, leaving about an inch of tissue paper on each end. 

Tie one end with ribbon and fill with whatever you have. Make sure you fill the inside of the tissue paper. 

Tie the other end and have fun!


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