Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Baby Bump Hump Day {18 Weeks}

It's hump day! And to get you through your week, I'm going to post about my baby bump! I didn't get to record anything for Josiah. So I was hoping to record most things about this pregnancy! This will be my open diary for pregnancy #3. 

I'm considered to be 18 weeks today..

Baby is size of a sweet potato

  You know every other pregnancy was so different. I actually haven't had any morning sickness this time! I have had it for all my other pregnancies, so I am just very surprised. Hopefully that means it's a girl!!!!! (Pray with me!) Lately I have had headaches but mainly when I don't eat "on time". I've been caught off guard by a new symptom, and that's restless leg syndrome. It hasn't been made official but I'm pretty sure I have it. I actually posted a status on Facebook about it and one girl told me to put a bar of soap next to were my feet are. Well that didn't work me.

   I've been craving anything salty! BUT HONESTLY!! I have been eating everything! Every 2 hours to be exact, or else I will get my headaches! I've learned what baby doesn't like. Most Chinese food. We have a place called "The Cookout", that I eat at once in a while and twice I've eaten there and it's made me sick. We also have a place called "Zaxby's".. nope baby didn't like that either.

Maternity Clothes
Not yet! I haven't bought any new clothes except for long summer Maxis. I think once my bump form I will be able to wear short cute dresses but right now I feel fat.

Weight gain
  Surprisingly since I have been too scared to work out, I've only gained about 10 lbs this entire pregnancy. It feels like a lot more & it may even look like more... but that's it! I hope that since I'm standing up most of the time at job that I would not gain as much as I did with Josiah. With him I think I gained about 40 lbs, if not more!! -_-

   Since I've been terrified to work out, I have only been walking around the block here and there. Sometimes I am just too lazy to even walk. In the beginning I was very stressed out about not being able to work out, but I kind of put my pride to the side to think about having a safe pregnancy then worry about my body at this point! 

I have been feeling him or her move a lot the past few days and mostly when I'm laying down at night! I really hope the schedule changes b/c I'm not ready to be up alllll night long! haha

Labor Signs
no and I hope not until full term!

I am going to find out tomorrow what we're having! Josiah wants a boy and Joe thinks it's a boy. Everyone online says it's a girl. despite what the chinese calender says (they say it's a boy!) I'm still praying for a GIRL! BUT as long as the baby is full term and healthy I am cool with whatever!!! (INSERT CHEESY SMILEY FACE HERE) 

Belly button in or out?
Still in.

OF COURSE I have been looking at so many choices. I know that the kids will have to share a room whether I stay here at m mom's or move out because we can only afford a two bedroom. BUT I have so many ideas of sharing a space... 

Well I think that's about it! I won't update here every week, because we all know that would be just too much. And really I may not have the time for that. I am doing my reveal Thursday night so you will know what I'm having Friday!!!