Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Our little Secret!

So if you didn't know.... I've been keeping a secret!

I practically found out the day it happened. April 1st! Yay me. I almost thought it was an April fools joke on myself because of the faint lines, but after the fourth test, it wasn't a joke anymore..

My first appointment was very nerve wrecking considering it was only one month after my latest miscarriage. I was terrified to see the baby. But it wasn't so bad, they found out I was still in my early stages of my pregnancy. It was just a little dot on the screen at this point. 

Since I just had two miscarriages back to back, I found and started seeing a high risk doctor that a friend recommended. It took a while for my real first appointment with them. Really it was only 4 weeks later but it felt like FOREVER. That appointment was very quick, they had a hand held ultrasound and measured the baby to be around 8 weeks. Which I know it's right they have been going off the last real day of my period. March 12th. They asked if I had any questions and of course I probably did, BUT I was just so shocked I didn't even ask anything.

A few days later, I woke up to a voice mail from the nurse that scared the living crap out of me. She basically said to call her back that it had to do with the lab work. So I called back and she told me that they tested for something they normally don't test for until your about to have the baby, which was group b strep. Also known has Group B streptococcus. It's not a std, in fact, approximately 10 to 30 percent of pregnant women carry GBS but my levels were extremely high. I asked the doctor if this could cause miscarriage and she said yes. I'm so glad that they found it and I got it take care of! I just pray that, that was the cause of my previous miscarriages, so maybe this time I am in the clear (prayers welcome)

When I first found out there was only a hand full of people that I told. I didn't want to blab to everyone then go through what I went through last time. No one should have to go through that. This time around I am going to keep it simple. I'm not going to make Josiah a shirt or have any cute way of telling everyone. it's going to be a simple.... "I'm Expecting! =)"

I went to another appointment since and saw the baby on the big screen. It was amazing. It was on June 5th and they said I was 12 weeks. [Again going back to last day of my period] I held my breath the whole time until I heard those three words that everyone wants to hear.... "There's the heartbeat". I was soooo excited! They checked for all the limbs and as far as they could see everything was there. The baby was in a position where she couldn't get any good shots. Except for maybe one or two ....

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