Saturday, August 23, 2014

Baby Girl Nursery Inspirations

It's going to be really hard to try to make a "Nursery" because the kids, no matter what have to share a room. But this is basically my wish list no matter what!

Since I found out that I'm having a girl I have been going crazy online searching for everything! It's not just me either. All of my friends and family are doing the same thing. I'm so blessed to be pregnant and to have it a girl is even more a blessing!!!  ^_^

Having a boy first is my excuse for wanting everything in pink this time around. I mean everything! the darkest pink you can find. That's what I want!

We did get a used crib for Josiah, but he never slept in it. This time SHE WILL ! Of course when she is 0-6 months she will be sleeping in my room, so therefore I want a pack n play with a rocking seat. When she becomes 6 months, and no longer fits in the pack n play rocker, she will be going in this crib.

Seeing as how I'm trying to get baby to sleep by herself. I'm hoping that the night light will help. And since they have to share a room, maybe it'll help both of them sleep ALONE!!! Josiah has one of these, so I'll have to get the Minnie Mouse one for her since I do want to keep some sort of a theme going. Like I said in the Baby Girl Wish List, I do want the Minnie Mouse play yard! 

Dream Lites Disney Minnie Mouse Night Light - Walmart

This Alphabet wall Décor is a must! I have been wanting it for a very long time, it's so cute and goes perfect with any theme! Like I've said before, her and Josiah will be sharing a room, so this is perfect for them both! I've been keeping my eye out on Etsy, and this is the cheapest around.

Alphabet Wall Décor - Etsy

How did you decorate you little one's bedroom? 

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