Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Baby Sprinkle Ideas

Good morning! I am 24 weeks today!

baby is the size of an Ear of a Corn. 

I couldn't get a good picture of myself today, but next week I'll have one!! ;) 

As we bring the last week of August, I decided to share my ideas for my baby sprinkle! 

So I have had this planned since FOR EVER. I got the idea off of, where else, Pinterest!! I knew I had everything from Josiah so I didn't really need the big items that you normally get your first pregnancy. BUT this time I'm having a GIRL! AND who doesn't LOVE to shop for a girl!! 

I had just posted my Baby Wish List when I got mostly everything I needed for this baby. Not exactly what I wanted but, it's PINK! LOL  (I will post an update on everything I have soon!)

I have noticed it is not as uncommon as I thought it would be! Even Babies 'R Us, has Baby Sprinkle Ideas on there site. The point of the Baby Sprinkle is a lighter version of the "Baby Shower". For repeat mother's that have everything on the traditional baby registries and just want to have a gathering for little things they may need for the pregnancy or baby. They are becoming very popular for second and third babies.

So these are the ideas I got off of my Pinterest board. I was having two of my best friends throw this baby sprinkle for me, BUT I didn't want to KILL them with my demands! So I'm throwing it myself. I'm doing EVERYTHING. and that may seem like too much, but I love the idea! 

the Drink station is a must! ; 

This drink station is perfect.

I love this too! 

Pitches of sweet tea and pink lemonade with clear cups and white and pink straws

Decorations will be the hardest part! ;

I want to make them myself =P 

love these

Homemade Funfetti Cupcakes & Sprinkle Themed Baby Sprinkle — Sift & Whisk


Every one loves Party Favors!

Homemade Mother's Day Gift Idea: Mani Pedi in a Jar - Forget the expensive day at the spa, give mom a luxurious mani pedi in the comfort of her home.

All of the balloons on one side of the room

Food {More Like Deserts} ; 

I didn't want to make full meals, this part should be fairly easy! 

baby sprinkle ice cream station (maybe pre scooped in jars so no scooping is required)

Baby SPRINKLE via Pomp and Circumstance

We Heart Parties: Party Information - Elizabeths Baby Sprinkle

nature's sprinkles veggie table kojodesigns

Homemade Funfetti Cupcakes & Sprinkle Themed Baby Sprinkle via Sift & Whisk

And course what would my baby sprinkle be without CUPCAKES!! 

Balloon cupcakes- super cute!

Homemade Funfetti Cupcakes & Sprinkle Themed Baby Sprinkle via Sift & Whisk

Have you ever heard of a baby sprinkle? Have you had one or been to one?!

Keep up with me & Let me know your here!