Monday, August 18, 2014

This weekend I.. *Birthday Edition*

Good morning everyone! 

Sooo, I was suppose to work for my 27th birthday (which was Wednesday)  but a lovely co-worker offered to take my shift. I need the money but I was so bummed I had to work, I decided I needed the break, so I took it! I got this balloon and card from my baby. it was tooo funny, I love him!!

I feel a lot older then 27 boy! back pains and these veins popping out of my legs! LOL that could just be pregnancy BUT I'm pretty sure it's from old age. 

//The day of my birthday I took Josiah to Busch Gardens. He had a blast.

//My mom made my favorite dinner. Schnitzel. ^_^

//I ran some errands, and after posting my Baby Girl Wish List, I decided to let my mom get a used stroller to match the used car seat my mom had bought a few weeks back. They are both in great condition. I'm just grateful to not have to spend much. 

// I started selling 31! So if you would like to host an online party with me you can contact me HERE

// This weekend I took off. We had a yard sale. I basically made money to spend this weekend. 

// I went to dinner with my mom and couple of friends. 

// Me and Joe went to Macy's to get him a shirt but I saw this purse and he got it for me! (my birthday present!) 

// We got to see my baby girl this weekend!! And yes I mean WE as in ME and Joe!!! He never went to an appointment with Josiah and I'm excited for him to see the ultrasound up close and personal. Especially because they never get good pictures to take home. 

// I got my comforter sets from Kohl's! I love it and I'm not even done decorating yet. I have no space in my room, I'm going to share it with you when I finish.

// Took Josiah bowling with his cousin. 

how was your weekend? 

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