Friday, September 5, 2014

Back To School #DIY Apple Mason Jar

I saw this on Facebook and I knew I had to make this for Josiah's teacher this year!  He doesn't go back to school until next week, but we are going to meet his teacher this morning! For those of you who are going back this week, I thought this would be nice to share! =)

What you'll need ; 

Mason Jar
Red & Brown Acrylic Paint 
Green Construction paper
Wine Cork (cut in half)
Hot Glue Gun

First you want the whole jar with the red acrylic paint & the wine cork with the brown acrylic paint. (I like to paint everything first and while I'm making the leaves, everything is drying. If you can, I would give it about 2 hours to let the paint dry completely)

Next cut a piece of green construction paper in a leaf shape and leave a long stem at the end  (enough to glue at the bottom of the wine cork)

Fold the paper in half to make the vein and draw lines to make the rest of the veins.

Now glue them both on the top of the lid... In the middle or wherever your child puts it, with your help of course (using the hot glue)

Then let it stay there for a few seconds to completely dry & add whatever you'd like inside and your done!

How cute is this?! Let me know if you made something for your child's teacher!!

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