Monday, September 15, 2014

Mani Monday ; Jamberry Review & Giveaway!!

I've been hearing a lot about Jamberry Nail on Facebook and Twitter. I wanted to try them but at $15 a sheet, I didn't want to do that and hate them. So when Jessica asked me to do a review and giveaway for you, I was super excited!! 
My Review

I read the instructions on how to apply them. It seemed a little tedious and I was right! I definitely had to watch the video!  I wiped my nails with an alcohol wipe and pushed back my cuticles. Matched the nails to best fit which finger. Got the blow dryer out and warmed the wraps up for a few seconds, so they were flexible. I pressed them onto my nails firmly every where to adhere the wrap. When they were cool, I trimmed the wrap off the end of my nail with a pair of nail scissors and then filed it using a downward motion. Be careful not to go upward as you might take the wrap off. 

As you can clearly see, You get better with time! LOL 

What I love:
  • ZERO dry time! 
  • They held up well against daily life.
  • They have so many different designs.
  • There is no damage to my acrylic nails.
What I don’t love:
  • Not as easy as just painting them. 
  • I don’t love the price. $15 a sheet isn't really in my budget at the moment, with baby coming and all. 
  • The air bubbles on the sides that I just couldn't get out, not matter how hard I tried.
  • The learning curve. I think it’s going to take me 2-3 more times to really get good at applying them. Practice makes perfect! 
If you would like to try a sample, you can contact Jessica through her Facebook page to get a free sample.

I think over-all Jamberry Nail Wraps are great and are a good quality.  I would definitely recommend them and am hoping I can get some after the baby comes! And maybe I'll be better at them! 

If your going to host a party, I would do it now!! The September Host Special is to die for!!! 

One Lucky reader 

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1 NAIL WRAP KIT [RV $15.00]}

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Jamberry is a company that was started by three sisters looking for a better alternative to costly salon visits. Jamberry nail wraps are high quality, vinyl nail wraps that can last for weeks on fingers and toes. There are no harsh chemicals and they are not polish, so there is no chipping or dry time. Jamberry has over 300 adorable design options to choose from. One sheet of nail wraps will give you up to 2 manis and 2 pedis!

The KEY to a successful Jamberry application is thoroughly washing hands with basic dish soap (non-moisturizing) and then cleaning with alcohol so that the nails are dried out. Secondly, ensuring that you let the nail cool prior to trimming/filing so that you don’t break the seal is important. There are other tips and tricks out there, if you are worried the application method above won't work, search for application videos on Youtube...there are tons!